3-D Profilometers for Surface Characterization

TMS-500 TopMap

The TMS-500 TopMap is a high-precision, non-contact topography measurement system designed for fast and efficient surface characterization of precision components Integrate with optional motorized XY stages to measure parts up to 220mm X 220mm in size. Turn-key solution for lab or production environments

TMS-100 TopMap Metro.Lab

Compact table top unit for topography measurement of parts 85mm X 75mm (with optional motorized XY stages).

TMS-350 TopMap In.Line

High speed metrology system ideal for integration in-line for production applications. Delivered as ‘measurement-head only’ option that is sealed and ready to be installed on customer provided gantry/Z-stage architecture.

TMS-1200 TopMap µ.Lab

A high performance optical profiler system that features a very high lateral resolution for measurement of surface texture/finish, step-heights, waviness, wear and plenty more. May be configured with optional motorized XY stage for stitching adjacent fields of view thereby maintaining high spatial resolution and capturing a large area of measurement.

TMS Software

Check out the feature-laden software that optimizes the functionality of all Polytec surface metrology products.